I Had a Birthday

I turned 41 (almost a month ago), but I wanted to share some details because it was kid friendly, local, and fun!

After school we all went to Get Air!  The girls were shocked and excited that I chose a jump park for my birthday.  We bounced for an hour straight.  My brain was rattling, but we had the place to ourselves and it was really fun to act like a kid!

Get Air: 7687 Frontage Rd #4, Cicero, NY 13039


These jeans were comfortable enough for full-on dodge ball. They are the Remy fit by Agolde.  Highly recommend!  Call us to order! 

My sweater is linked here.  I bought it in grey last winter, and got it in black and camel this season. It's a great basic AND on sale right now!


After bouncing until I felt sick we went to dinner at Saint Urban in the Westcott Neighborhood of Syracuse.  Only our second time there, but we love everything about it!  Make a reservation and check them out! https://www.sainturbanwinebar.com

It was a great birthday celebration with my crew and we didn't have to go far!


I'm not the easiest to buy for seeing how I can get my hands on a lot of fun stuff through the shop!  I didn't ask for anything, but I did hold off from buying myself a few wants until my birthday month :)  See below for some of the treats! 

1. I bought myself a pair of green (favorite color!) Sabahs on Abbott Kinney in Santa Monica the last time we were in LA for market.  The owner, Mickey was there and helped me get fitted to my first pair.  It was a great experience and I love supporting this unique, handmade, and good looking product.  Check them out! http://www.sabah.am SO I've have been eyeing their shearling lined slippers for sometime.  Happy birthday to me!

2.  Vintner's Daughter I've tried to bring this product into the shop, but they don't need me.  This stuff is gold (literally and figuratively).  I think it's an anti-aging serum, but who cares!  Great for battling Upstate, NY dry skin and smells really nice too.  Up until recently the serum was the only product they offered.  It's pricey which is why I held off in getting my next bottle until the bday. Anyone else addicted? https://vintnersdaughter.com/products/active-botanical-serum

3.  I love Jenni Kayne!  Also a company that doesn't offer their collection to retailers so I'm sharing with you as a fellow shopper.  Her effortless and neutral/natural aesthetic speak to me!   A sweet friend got me her new book and I love it! https://tinyurl.com/tblgm38

4.  Downton Abbey Clue!  Worth the $18 on Amazon! 

5.  The one thing I actually needed were bowls!  Without asking, one of my sisters and my mom loaded me up on bowls!  Cereal bowls, pasta bowls and they each got me a set of these mixing bowls https://tinyurl.com/thmcus4.  Both are serious bakers (@timspumpkinpatch) so you don't need to read the reviews!  They love these bowls and I'm keeping both sets because it might be another 15 years before I spring from more bowls!

6.  We offer the Jennie Kwon collection at skaneateles300, and I have been eyeing this ring since it arrived. I'm wearing it as a pinkie ring and it feels very age 41.  Come see the studs, rings and necklaces we offer by Jennie.  Her whole collection is classic and delicate!

7.  The last thing I've been coveting and finally pulled the trigger on is this exercise mat by artist, Rachel Pohl.  I say exercise because I don't do yoga (but I've heard of it).  Rachel has a love for the west and the Tetons, her bright smile seems to really come through in her paintings.  I can support that!  Check out her works here: https://www.rachelpohlart.com  




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Love the #6 ! Do you carry at the shoppe?

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